Sheet cake : by Dodge, Abigail Johnson,
Breaking waves : by Burleigh, Robert,
The confidence men : by Fox, Margalit,
Hello, rain! / by Maclear, Kyo,
Genesis begins again / by Williams, Alicia,
The invisible life of Addie LaRue / by Schwab, Victoria,
Other words for home / by Warga, Jasmine.
The personal librarian / by Benedict, Marie,
American Marxism / by Levin, Mark R.
Low country : by Jones, J. Nicole,
Island queen : by Riley, Vanessa
The orphans of Davenport : by Brookwood, Marilyn,
The love songs of W.E.B. Du Bois : by Jeffers, Honorée Fanonne,
Chickenology : by Sandri, Barbara,
The plot / by Korelitz, Jean Hanff,
We dream of space / by Kelly, Erin Entrada,
Skunk and Badger / by Timberlake, Amy,
The paper palace / by Cowley Heller, Miranda
When you trap a tiger / by Keller, Tae,
Pokko and the drum / by Forsythe, Matthew,
Something's wrong! : by John, Jory,
The chicken sisters / by Dell'Antonia, K. J.,
Premeditated Myrtle : by Bunce, Elizabeth C.,
The Amelia Six / by Gray, Kristin L.,

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Phone: (913) 795-2788
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630 W. Main St
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Service Hours


  • Free Wi-Fi!
  • Computer & Internet Access!
  • Photocopying & Fax!
  • Notary & Laminating!
  • Inter Library Loans (ILL)
  • DVDs for check out, we have over 1500 movies!
  • Regular Books & Audio Books!
  • Magazines available for check out!
  • Books for Sale!
  • Free Magazines!
  • Special events, like Bingo!
  • Children’s Library!
  • Summer Reading Program!
  • Craft in a Bag
  • Farmer’s Market!
  • Assistance with your electronics! (Phone, Tablet, Computer, e-mail) 
  • Main Street Bookwalk! 
  • Obituaries, Yearbooks, and Genealogical Resources! 
  • YouTube!
  • Community Garden!
  • Our Webpage! 

For the time being, yes. We want to abide by the societal norms to protect our patrons & staff from any possible Covid-19 related illness. 

Copies are .20¢ per side & color prints are .50¢ per side.

Fax is $1 for the first page & .25¢ each page after. We provide and send cover sheets for free.

For Lamination, small is .25¢, Medium is .50¢, and large is $1.

Students pay .10¢ a sheet for black and white printing.

We are always accepting your generous donations! We accept books, movies, magazines, audio books, phonographic records, n’ et cetera…
We’ve never had a vehicle donated, but there’s a first for everything. Anything donated that will not be put on our shelves for patron usage will be either put on our sales shelf, our bingo prize shelf, the trash can, or donated to Concern Inc.

We will also accept anything that may help us with our up and coming Community Garden. Tools, dirt, plants, rocks, bricks, sand, gravel pebbles, wood, bird feeders, n’ et cetera. 

No we cannot, but if you check our business catalog, you can easily find tax help nearby.

A Woodchuck would chuck what a Woodchuck could chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood.

Have you tried turning it off, then turning it back on?