1000 Books Before Kindergarden!

   The first five years of our lives are the most important years for our brains development. Developing minds need food just as well as our bodies need sustenance. A taste for music, art, entertainment, and reading are all common ways we feed our minds. Our youngest generations are particularly hungry minds. With a new life and such a large world to explore, getting an early start on being able to understand what’s going on, is of the utmost importance. 

   Early literacy can play a pivotal role in a child’s development, and such a thing can be easily said. Finding the means and inspiration to take on such a task as catering to a developing mind can seem daunting. Where DO I start, and where DO I go?

Well, Linn County Libraries… Have you covered!

One-Thousand Books Before Kindergarten!  …may seem like quite the task, but hear us out! 

   Our Thousand Books program is our way to inspire YOU to read to the youth, ages from birth to five years young. Incrementally, as you read the same book over and over again, you’ll be able to take home a book of your choice, and read it over and over again! You don’t have to read one book over and over of course, but each time counts! The library you participate with has their choice as to how often you are awarded a free book. It may be 100 books read, the same book read 100 times, or it may be 50 books. There’s only ONE way to find out! Take a joy ride down to your  Linn County Library and sign up today, and remember, keep track of the books you read! EVERY BOOK COUNTS!