2021, A Year In Preview

The future is coming, faster everyday according to some. I have many hopes for this year. I hope that I can find it within myself to accomplish as much of it as possible. I have a handful of projects that are either underway or still being dreamt. This post is to let you in on the scoop. 

I’d like to start with Virtual Storytime! Our neighboring libraries as well as many libraries around the world are turning the pages online and reading to their audiences. These sessions are easy to find and some are very pleasant. This last November Mound City Library received a grant for a new computer, a microphone, and a camera. I’m using the computer right now to write this post. I will be using this equipment to provide a virtual storytime. 

One way to host a virtual storytime is to read a book aloud for our younger audiences. In the future I might even find myself reading stories this way. Another Idea that I’ve thought of is to have members of our community come to share their stories. These stories could be of such variety. I hope to eventually meet with our local business owners, government members, and our library patrons to listen to their stories. Having a sense of community comes in part by knowing who is in your community and what they have been up to. I hope our library can provide a platform for our community to share it’s voice. 

The next project I’d like to undertake after I have a routine storytime underway, is Tea Time! Tea time can take on a dynamic position in circumventing community relations. Tea time can be a place where we refine not only our taste for our favorite beverages, but our taste for conversation. It is appropriate for libraries to host a book club, which is a part of the philosophy of our tea time. Come and share your reads, hear what our neighbors read, maybe over coffee or tea. With having a book club, of course, there could be shared reading that can be picked or voted on by the groups. Having acquaintances to read with can be inspiring for some, and motivational for others.

Speaking of voting, another group I’d like to start, is what I’d call The Civic Forum. A place where community members can openly discuss problems and solutions that are pertinent to our community. This group could also serve as a way for patrons to debate or create politics. One of the ramifications of political discussion, is that there is something to learn for those listening. Having a local civic forum can be beneficial to the community it belongs to. Having a civic forum can give the power of problem solving to the people. One benefit of having an open discussion, is having the setting for those who would like to be heard. The benefit of doing this in a library specifically, is the difference in formality. Not everyone can dress in a suit and tie and speak like a lawyer comfortably, but I’d wager that most people can contribute to a constructive conversation.