People love to play games. Games make for a rather powerful and distinct method of pitting and testing our humanity not only against each other, but as allies. Like the taste of Your coffee, or the colors you wear, we all have a game we prefer to share. Monopoly has money, Jamanji teleports you to another world, and Candyland isn’t good for my teeth, but so long as you can count we can roll some die or maybe flip a coin. 

Well what game do you play? And how do you win? 

Is it one you would play again?

   Some games are easy to pick up and learn. Some games never stop changing, and have new rules and playable features. Trading card games are a popular pick for competitive and relaxed gaming. Unlike video games or traditional board games, trading cards take you face to face with your opponent, on an advanced platform. These games have evolved over time, Yugioh debuted 18 years ago, Pokemon is now over 20 years young, and Magic:The Gathering was released 27 years ago. Dungeons And Dragons has been at our tables since 1974. These games show promise for lasting another decade, more and more people are playing these games every year. 

Trading card games (TCG) test your ability to read, your memory, and almost always involve math. Games Intellectually stimulate us, they give us a chance to test our critical thinking skills. With well over 10,000 unique cards, there is a vast variety of options for what cards you would like to use, and what you would like to see them do. Some people choose cards by their art, some want a specific ability, and sometimes players only want the best. 

   Not only are these games good for connecting to new people where you’re from, these games are international! Every year Pokemon, Magic, and Yugioh hold world championships! Every friday night around the globe, Friday Night Magic is held at your local dragons den (Comic or Card Store) You can go to your local game store and ask how you can participate, OR….

   Mound City Library, is proud to announce, CARD CLUB! Come in on Saturday morning and Tyler will be happy to teach you how to play whichever game you’d like to play! Not only card games, ANY GAME! If you have a game you’d like to play, let us know about it! Maybe we’ll play along!