Have you heard it said that cleanliness is the closest to godliness? 

Cleaning for others requires a certain level of tact. If you move something, you might need to remember where it is. If you throw something away, you might have to account for it. If something was lost, could you tell that it was Found? Discernment between things and where they should go is the simplest way I could describe organizing. I’ve seen an older gentleman scowl a lad for wiping away patina from his coffee cup. This is an instance where cleaning accomplished less than if it had been left alone. Some might make a point that organizing a space is much different than scrubbing the stains out. Both are a part of creating a reflection of ourselves in the world around us. 

When we clean for other people, we are coming into someone else’s space, and their environment. People paint their lives with the things they have, where they have them, and what they do with them. I’d say there is a difference between someone who would leave feces in their home and someone with plastic all over the furniture. One similarity is that they are both the sculptors of their own lives. 

   Interior and exterior design and arrangement, in chinese culture, is what they call feng shui. For them it’s a system of accommodation for the energy of a space, what is pleasurable or not. For someone who is blind, this kind of understanding can be life changing. Having the freedom of movement within our own homes is crucial for our comfortability. Being comfortable in your own home and feeling comfortable with sharing your home with others is important for having close relationships with people. Having a clean home can also inspire others to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. 

   The COVID-19 epidemic has created a new atmosphere for many people around the world. More people are staying home. Our home life reflects on the outside world. It shines through us and changes how we meet with people. Collectively there may be less meeting happening, with social distancing, but this also gives us the opportunity for the time we have with others to grow more meaningful. Having close and meaningful relationships adds to our own personal sense of self worth. Having a clean space to live and seeing the worth of cleanliness also adds to our sense of self worth as well. Just like being able to sense when someone is looking at us, our sense of the world is equatable to the sense of ourselves.

   Personal preference has value. Whether you’re choosing yes or no, green or yellow curtains, the choices we make impact the world. The power we have to make an impact is our creativity manifesting itself as change. If we care for our decisions, we care for our lives. If we care about the impact we have on others, by first caring for our own decision making, we are caring for others as well as we can care for ourselves. No change is ever permanent, except that things are always changing. Sometimes by changing the world around us deliberately, we are doing it for the better. If our intentions are to better the world, and we act on our intentions, the changes that take place may look something like cleaning.