Karen’s Korner

img@ April Castle’s Daycare

When you were a kid do you remember your parents, grandparents, etc. telling you how the older you get the faster time goes? I always thought yea right. I see that now. My grandson turned 1 last week and we had his First Birthday party. How did time go that fast? He should not be one yet. I guess it is true, the older you get the faster time does go.

Are you getting as excited as I am about our local author Frank Clay coming to do his book chat on February 4th?  He will be here from 5 to 7.Bring your book so Frank can autograph it or he will have some here that you can purchase. Just be sure to not miss out on coming to listen to him talk.

Let us know where you see our library bear, he will be visiting local businesses in Mound City. Stop in and tell us for a piece of candy.

The 4th grade class at Mound City Grade School had a lot of fun making snowflakes last week.

Every Monday but the third one each month come check out our 3 and 4 Ingredient cooking class. We make a couple different dishes each week that you get to try. Then we talk about things we would change with the recipe to fit it into our family’s menu.

If you have something you would like to learn or have something to share  give me a call or stop by the library. 

Until next week