Leadership is the communion of trust between people. Leadership is a skill. There are many skills people can have, and each one has its use. When it is time for someone of skill to practice, they make good use of it. When our people of many different skills come together, it is leadership that can differentiate the way of least resistance, and accomplish the most. To each their own, and to all of us the splendor of gratifying our accomplices with cooperation. A problem can only be a problem so long as it has not been solved, and the leader makes adequate use of thy skill to pursue a solution. This may as well be called the pursuit of happiness. Though happiness may not be the point of life, leadership manipulating situations through nefarious means can be detrimental. A leader should differentiate between good and evil, and know themselves all the better for it. When choosing, it is a path.

   We all choose our paths, and choosing no path is still a choice. A leader can see the paths we walk as they see their own. A leader knows motivation, and so too should know how to motivate. Desperation shouldn’t be a criterion, and time an allowance. A leader should know themselves, and know well how we enlighten ourselves. Seeing the dark, a leader can shine light, and have it be that it not their own. Courage is an admirable quality of certain leadership, and balance all the same. Integrity, loyalty, knowledge, health, openness, aspiration, longevity, and vitality. Are these not virtues, and what of faith? 

   A library serves as the most crucial cornerstone in civilization. Libraries are a place of civility, and congregation is their nature. The people of the world read, and so our languages have shaped the face of the world. Our language, and our own unique personal understanding of our language, shape the faces of who we are. Together we convene, conveniently to get our message out there. Only through coming to meet that we correspond to our natural rhythm. A leader can denote harmony, and let the music play. The “universal” language of written sheet music, may as well be poetry for the deaf as braille is for the blind. What IS language? 

   Libraries face extinction in the 21st century. It never was that books read themselves. I know of one time in my life that I had seen someone else read something, and for that reason I read that too. Leadership can be subliminal. When the world has created a redundancy for our books, and knowledge seems to be easily available with our technology, the act of reading a book will be for those who seek beauty. The beauty of differentiation, and reciprocation with their environment. Libraries are capable of a unique function in our society. Libraries can be changed to meet the demands of the times by the people who need to use them. Where else should the hungry and tired traveler find themselves, to find community within a province? Where on the weekday do we accomplish more than what is demanded of us? If I was to try and find ways I can better the lives of other people around me, how would I? Can Libraries Answer These Urgent Questions?!?!


   Tyler A. Francis