My First Year

Dear Patrons,

   Saturday, September 26th marks the first full year of my employment at Mound City’s library. I have nothing but the utmost gratitude for the director, Ginny. Over the past year she’s faced many of her own difficulties and helped me get through many of my own. There was a time where I was faced with displacement and uncertainty as to where I would be living. During those three weeks Ginny proved to me that she is and was the greatest boss I have ever had the pleasure to work for. Ginny is dedicated to her role as director, and is very knowledgeable in doing so. She cares deeply about serving our patrons and goes out of her way to do so. I thought I had a good work ethic, but everyday Ginny shows me that I still have a long way to go and lots to learn. Thank you, Ginny! 

   The first task I completed for Mound City Library was to replace the filter for the ventilation. The first change I made to the library’s feng shui; I moved two back to back shelves with the science fiction and westerns, from the center of the front room. In the first weeks I also moved the dvd’s wrapping the shelves to just the one side of the shelves, and had to move the christain fiction in doing so. Lots of change has happened since then. The Biographies are now fit into the non-fiction, the large print has both sides of the isle, the sales shelf has doubled its capacity, the website has had a makeover, the computers no longer stick out into what’s now an open space, our amish mystery collection is displayed well, there is a nice sitting space in the corner, the westerns and amish have a place to rest together with seating, and I’ve cleaned out the closet. 

   I also work for Ginny at Prescott’s Library. I thoroughly enjoy working there. I’ve moved a shelf from one side to the other, and spruced up the Circulation room. I set up a projector with a DVD/VHS player, and moved the computers around. Though the upstairs of the library doesn’t see much attention, if you look it would be cleaner now than when I had started. There were a number of historical or older items that were mixed between the two rooms. I moved all of the history to the right side, leaving the left side open and mostly empty. I sorted, dusted, and displayed what I could, but there are a few things that you might have to look to find. I found a newspaper from the first moon landing! I was born way after they made their way up there, and to see something from that time gives more meaning to the past. Cleaning a building from the 1800’s, and working to preserve the history therein has been a privilege. Working for the patrons that use the old school today is a joy and comfort. I hope the reader will make their way to Prescott for their share of living history. 

   Recently I began work at the Pleasanton Library. I’ve been living in Pleasanton since March or thereabouts. My first day I got the conference room tidy, and started in the storage room thereafter. I’ve dusted the tops of the lights, shampooed a couch and rug, swept gravel, and harvested cigarette butts. The front of the library has a garden and rocks galore. I spent four hours resetting bricks, and three hours fixing sink holes and replacing rocks. You can see the results on a drive by. I may work myself out of work before I know it. 

   I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person. I no longer see a separation between this life and the spirit. I advocate for putting down the cellphones, turning off the TV, and reading a book. I see our technology as tools, rather than a pacifier. I’ve spent some time traveling. I lived in a tree on Oahu for some time, lived on a fire escape in San Francisco, and made my way Home to Kansas. I love Kansas, it’s simple but it’s home. I had a rough upbringing. My mother passed away two days after my 13th birthday. I have what modern psychology calls Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes effort on my behalf to be able to stand being near people for this reason. I have to continually work with myself to better know how to live this life. What were once weaknesses, I am learning now that they are valuable skills that may be indispensable to my growth as a person. I work hard, as hard as I know how. That doesn’t mean it’s the hardest or the best I can do, but I will keep at it. 

   My future at the library looks like evolution. Today’s world looks even different than it did in March 2020. Libraries and their usefulness will either fade away with the technological growth, or adapt to accommodate modern needs. I will continue to learn about this dynamic. I plan to use our technology, in the near future, to begin a virtual story time. I plan to co-host a story time with members of Linn Counties community. I want to provide an opportunity for everyone to have the chance to share their own stories with our community. A story time doesn’t always look like reading books. What if we left it up to you? Where have you been? What did you do? Would you do it again? Would you share it with the world? 

Have a beautiful day,


A.k.a. -Tyler Anthony Francis

P.S. I hope to hear from you readers, and I hope you might have a good story to tell. If you feel like sharing it, shoot me an e-mail or visit your local library.