On January 12th, the board of directors for Linn County District Library #4 passed a motion to do away with late fees for checkouts! If you damage or lose your items you’ll still have to pay for a replacement of course. Our fines currently amount to .20 cents a day per book, and $1 a day per movie. The fines placed on the movies are hefty for some of our patrons. Since late last year we’ve found ourselves writing off and forgiving fines more often. In late 2020 the ALA (American Library Association) held their annual conference virtually. Each day for a week, there were many speakers with lots of great topics to share with the librarians of America. Some speakers talked about safety and security, some spoke about youth programs, and innovation. One of these speakers had a seminar on late fees. Our very own Shirley attended this virtual talk and was moved. Thank You Shirley!