Why I love America

   Ironically, speaking freely and having the right to do so, means that someone else can tell me not to speak. With that comes the liberty to listen, ignore, or be caught up in something else entirely. I can express my discontentment, and I can be a part of the change that I’d dream of. I have the liberty to speak an opposing view. I can burn a flag, any one I desire. I could even hold it in the air without fear of persecution or fear of being harvested. I can call myself whatever I like, and change it to whatever I like on any day. I can choose to share what I have, or choose to hide myself away.

   I asked my friend Jojo, a middle eastern immigrant, why he loves America. He said he never knew how important freedom was. He said meeting people from other cultures, and the diversity he’s seen has blown him away “wow”. His favorite part of living in Kansas City is the trees. “There’s so many trees and they’re right here. They let them grow right here with us. In my country we do not have this.” I met Jojo through my workplace. I work for two district libraries, the cornerstones of civilization. The freedom of information, serving the public, and offering a hand to our neighbors; these ideals are truly what I believe make America Great! 

   I grew up in Kansas, the heart of America. I’ve seen the west coast, and even Hawaii. I haven’t made it to Alaska yet. Arizona and New Mexico are near the top of my list for places to visit, but Kansas is home. My neighbors care for each other. They may live in a small town and live a seemingly mundane lifestyle, but if this is the price for peace of mind in today’s world, then I’m happy to be at home. I cannot ever truly express how important my peace of mind is to me, but I know where I’ll find it. Right smack dab in the middle of the whole thing, this beautiful nation and home of the free. 

   The paths we walk, we walk together. The choices we make, we make for ourselves, and together we have the freedom to cooperate. We have the freedom to come together, make an impact, and flourish in today’s world. If there was one thing about knowing that, that I would want others to know, is that it’s only a matter of when and who is going to take the first steps in mending the damages that have been done. We can dwell on our mistakes, we have that right. We can co-create and reciprocate beauty. We can now do things unlike that which has ever been possible. If we look to those who listen, and they listen, then what will be heard is the changes that they will make. 

We have the right to speak, we have the right to be listened to. 

That IS why I Love America.

Epoch Times Essay Contest Prompt

“Why I Love America”