Why Not Call It Homeschooling?

Non-Accredited Private School

As COVID-19 continues it’s march through our communities, more Kansas families are considering homeschooling their children. Your local library is one place families can turn when searching for information on laws regarding home schooling. This article is a jumping off point for information that could help a new homeschooler get started on the right path. Take your time with understanding the material. Feel free to ask your librarian for help while you’re doing your own research. You might not get everything right the first time, it’s okay to make mistakes so long as we learn from them. You are not the only one considering homeschooling to be a preferable option.

   One benefit to homeschooling is that there are no requirements for when to start or stop schooling; starting in September is not required. Homeschooling is said to be more flexible, and more affordable. Although there is less oversight, homeschooling can provide a valuable opportunity for the students to use their preferred learning style in a personalized environment.

   The required age of attendance is 7 years old in Kansas, and kindergarten is not mandatory. College education is not required to homeschool your own children, you need only to be a “competent instructor”. The time required for public schools is at least 186 days of not less than 6 hours per day, or 1116 hours per year for grades 1-11. Field trips are to be accounted for, if you are record keeping, which is not required in Kansas. 

   High school students can dual enroll in college courses. 21 credits are required to graduate in Kansas. Choosing a curriculum may seem like a daunting task, only comparable to following the material. There are no requirements for what curriculum to follow, however, the required credits to graduate High School in Kansas are:

English Language Arts: 4      History and Government: 3    Science: 3     Mathematics: 3 

Physical Education: 1    Fine Arts: 1    Electives: 6    TOTAL: 21

1. The first step is to withdraw your student from their current school if they enrolled in one, otherwise they may be counted as TRUANT. You want to avoid truancy as much as you want to avoid Social Rehabilitation Services (SRS). A student is “truant” if absent without an excuse, for a “significant portion” of the school day, for three consecutive days, or five days in a semester, or seven days in a school year. *Sample “Intent to Withdraw” Included 

2. The Second step is to register as a non-accredited private school.

There are no fees to register. *Mail-in Registration Included 

Online Registration: https://apps.ksde.org/naps_form/default.aspx

3. Third step, you may consider checking out the non-profit Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Approximately $12/month or $130/year, the HSLDA can help with getting started, choosing curriculums, legal consultation, and help when it’s needed. Having a legal team in your corner is kinda like having insurance. Check them out at: https://hslda.org/

4. The fourth step is to choose a curriculum, or find an online classroom. 

In Kansas ANY curriculum, even the fun ones, are permissible! There are many different options and it is easy to be overwhelmed in choosing. Some options are sent as a “Box” with all of the material needed, or there are other free options. The HSLDA educational consultants can help with this and many other decisions. 

Easy Peasy – Free Online Christian Curriculum 


Khan Academy – Non-Profit Free Online Classes


The Monarch School and Institute – Students with Therapeutic Practices and Specific Needs


5. The fifth step is to continue learning. 

Having all of the facts is just as important as knowing how to learn them. There’s always another road to walk down, another hill to climb, and more resources.


Intent to Withdraw Letter


Name of your Homeschool _________________________________

Your Address ___________________________________________

Today’s date____________________________________________

Name of School Enrollment Official __________________________

School Name and District, if applicable _______________________


Dear (Official’s Name)_________________________: We are writing to inform you that our child(ren), _____________________________________are withdrawing from (School Name):_____________________________ and will not [complete the current school year/be re-enrolling for the coming school year]. [He/she/they] will instead be attending a private school for the remainder of this school year. Please remove [his/her/their] names from your records. To the extent necessary to complete the enrollment at [his/her/their] new school, you will be contacted directly by the school regarding the transfer of records.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Request for Release of Student Records 

Dear School Counselor/Registrar: 

The children listed below have been withdrawn from your school. Please release their health, academic and other records, and forward them to the receiving school, as noted below. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Name of Student/s 

Last Name           First Name           Initial         Age          Grade Level 



Receiving School

Name of School ___________________________________

Address _________________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________________

Phone number ____________________________________


Name of parent/guardian ____________________________ 

Address _________________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________________ 

Phone number ____________________________________